About Us

Aintech is a professional application service provider that helps enterprises and corporates to develop internal business management application.

Our team are commited to turn the existing manual business operation of your business into a fully automatic distributed system which is cohesive and reliable.

In order to ensure our customers to benefit from the performance, scalability and security factors of our products and services, we are working closely with leading technology partners for technical advancements in the web-based application industry.

Our Team

Business Development Manager
Rayden Heng
Customers are in good hands with us
System Consultant
Brandon Yeoh
It is not design if it doesn't bring profits to the customers
Programming Director
Aston Kit
The best we do is 1st to solve the problems, 2nd to build the system, 3rd to improve the automation
Front-End Developer
Shee Kar
A good design layout is worth of thousand words
UI/UX Developer
Design is an idea that best shape the concepts
Web Programmer
The best documentation = The most user friendly system interface